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With AnchorOps’ intimate knowledge of the media finance industry, we bring an additional level of expertise and ease to your RFP process, ensuring that you choose the absolute best fit to enhance your winning team. Through our easy-to-use interface and workflow, eRFP consolidates responses quickly and organizes the information to ensure your time is spent on reviewing only the most qualified partners. Alleviate redundancy, streamline processes and ensure an easier, more thorough search than ever before.

eRFP provides a central repository for proposal responses from multiple suppliers, keeping track of changes, interaction, and status. The software standardizes the RFP process for you, making the comparison and review process much easier. Dialog among parties is captured as a threaded discussion, viewed alongside submissions and saved for auditing purposes. Other benefits include:

  • Easily individualize requests for each supplier
  • Standardized responses for faster and more thorough processing and a more “apples to apples” comparison
  • Easily identify whether campaign requirements are met by each respondent
  • Gain a clear picture of what’s being offered by each supplier and compare to your requests: cost, units, success metrics, etc.
  • Monitor dashboards to easily track progress and deadlines
  • Capture history of transactions; easily export data


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