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Media Finance Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult – With the Right Partner, It Can Be Profitable

AnchorOps is a financial solutions provider for media buying agencies, ad agencies, media finance teams and their suppliers. Our team comes from the media finance world, and our proprietary software and industry-focused services are specifically engineered to best serve the media buying industry and its distinctive needs. We’ve been where you are, so we get it.

The media finance world is a unique place. Constant mergers and acquisitions, evolving partnerships, digital complexities and policy changes are the norm. But without industry expertise, generic electronic payment providers are ill equipped to keep up with supplier changes and the nuances of online payments and invoicing.

Because they don’t specialize in the industry, most providers aren’t aware of the intricacies – they don’t even know such changes are happening. As a result, they send payments to the wrong places, or worse, not at all – meaning their customers miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue when their payments aren’t accepted. With a generic electronic payments provider, your progress doesn’t just slow – it can come to a screeching, headache-inducing halt. Quite simply, generic payments providers are unaware of the inevitable twists and turns that come from an ever-changing industry: Who accepts electronic payments? Who is the parent company? Where should payments go? Are they sent to the parent company or a subsidiary? Can we send to a PO Box? When you don’t know about a challenge, you don’t dedicate resources to fixing it. The result? Working with a generic electronic payments provider means missed revenue opportunities in the media finance world.

AnchorOps is different. We know and specialize in the media world – our leadership team hails from it.

AnchorOps is different. We know and specialize in the media world – our leadership team hails from it. We have strong, insightful relationships with a bit of an “insider edge.” We’re focused on your needs. We understand your challenges. We know the industry’s seasonality and buying spikes, media pressures and volume activity that requires payments are made faster at certain times. We understand the language – how agencies refer to suppliers, and what the names in your accounting system mean. A generic payments provider might upload these non-standard names to their payment engine and confuse it, meaning payments don’t go through. Not AnchorOps. Our software and our people know the industry, know the language, and know how to best serve your payment needs with no hiccups. We’re your ideal finance partner because we’re:

  • the only dedicated financial solutions provider innovating the electronic payment and invoicing lifecycle for media finance teams within media buying agencies, ad agencies, and media suppliers;
  • solely focused on the media buying industry with strong, credible partnerships like Mediaocean, and with deeper insights into the relationships between media agencies, media finance teams, and suppliers;
  • a technology provider that automates workflow and eliminates tedious manual processes, reducing friction and unnecessary communication hurdles, with goal-driven service based on the team’s deep industry knowledge. Faster and higher rates of activation means more money moves electronically, thus equaling a greater financial return and revenue share for our customers.

Only AnchorOps tracks the constant change among media suppliers and uses this insight to maximize electronic payment volume for you. With technology that reaches the most suppliers, real-time industry change monitoring, and compatibility with your existing systems, life can be a whole lot easier and more profitable with AnchorOps on your side.

We’re the first company to innovate the electronic payments and reconciliation functions specifically for the media industry and verticals they serve – we understand your needs, and we increase your financial return.

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