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Our management team

Michael Creeden

director of product marketing


As Director of Product Marketing, Michael acts as the subject matter expert for all of AnchorOps’ products and services.  He leverages his expertise with prospects, customers, and partners, as well as with AnchorOps’ internal product development team.  Michael works closely with this team to ensure as new solutions are built to scope and new releases for AnchorOps’ existing solutions exceed customer expectations. Michael started with the company as the Director of Operations and was previously responsible for the successful implementation of client engagements.

Prior to joining AnchorOps, Michael managed media reconciliation services, while streamlining agency financial and operational workflows and best practices. Distilling reconciliation into a rule-set and dramatically streamlining the process is one of the many contributions Michael made during his 7-year agency tenure. His penchant for media operations and project management also enabled the rapid implementation of software solutions for finance, media, as well as intranet and extranet portals.

Michael began his post-collegiate career in the financial services industry, managing the financial settlement processes for Depository Trust Company and Canadian Depository Services at State Street Corporation in North Quincy, MA.

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OpsPulse Reconciliation Module

Increase control over the media reconciliation
process while reducing costs

Tangible return on investment by streamlining discrepancy
resolutions and capturing key data for negotiations. For the
first time, finance teams and media management have
insight into the discrepancy queue so they can expedite
transactions and increase control over the process.

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