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Maximizing rebates, minimizing headaches

Like discovering and protecting any valuable collection, AnchorOps TROVE, our matching engine and database, not only unlocks the best data, but continually mines it to ensure the latest updates are always in our system. TROVE is where our industry expertise, data mining, industry involvement, and proprietary technology come together to maximize rebates for our customers. We know where the money goes, and where you’ve been missing opportunity.

By linking an agency’s supplier codes to TROVE, AnchorOps makes sure its customers always have access to the most current, accurate, and valuable database of card acceptors in the industry. TROVE solves two problems that used to prevent agencies from maximizing electronic payment volume: matching and tracking change.

Using a sophisticated rules-based matching engine, TROVE interprets the supplier names found in an agency’s media buying and accounting software, and matches it with a validated supplier record managed by AnchorOps.

Once the agency’s and TROVE’s records are linked, the treasure is unlocked. TROVE takes on the heavy lifting for AnchorOps ePay customers, keeping track of, and automatically updating, the correct payment addresses, acceptance methods and other contact information required to accept payments. It also ensures that as we sign suppliers up to join the MasterCard network, or their acceptance status changes, no work is required by our clients – AnchorOps ePay takes care of everything.

  • The supplier information housed in TROVE is a result of a significant investment by AnchorOps in technology and data mining. Data is sourced from public and private databases, and updated continuously by automated bots, as well as our media analysts.
  • Among the most valuable data stored in TROVE is ownership-subsidiary relationships of media companies. There are no “PO Boxes” in the electronic payments world, so it’s critical that payments are sent to the right destination and using methods of acceptance already approved by suppliers. By tracking the intricate relationships among suppliers, AnchorOps is able to send a greater volume of ePayments to the right locations.
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