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Service and Support

Comprehensive, at-a-glance dashboards, analytics and reporting

No software, no major changes. Insightful customer service backed by media finance expertise. Starting with AnchorOps is easy. Staying is a no brainer.

With AnchorOps ePay, no additional software is necessary – you can start sending payments within two weeks. Process changes are minimal – focused on enhancements to make things easier for you, not creating more work.

Our onsite staff is focused on providing superior customer service and engagement. Unlike generic providers you’ll rarely hear from, our services team provides clear and concise information, and a responsive and responsible approach to getting you what you need, when you need it. Our media finance expertise means we know your business – helping with proactive revenue sharing forecasts based on media planning, not just delivery of basic insights from historical spending review. With AnchorOps, your epayments never miss a beat, and you’re never leaving money on the table.

  • Works with major accounting and media buying systems
  • Systems experts on staff, available for remote or onsite assistance
  • Dedicated and coordinated account management
  • 24 x 7 transaction support

Activation and Enrollment

Activation and enrollment are what make electronic payments work effectively. The success rate at which your electronic payments provider can validate credit card acceptance is important in regards to ensuring you receive the highest level of revenue and rebate. How is AnchorOps superior to other electronic payments providers in this area?

  • AnchorOps has a dedicated, in-house team of specialists that contact media suppliers to validate information about credit card acceptance, and enroll those that are not current acceptors of credit cards. We not only quickly validate who accepts MasterCard, but we engage suppliers in conversation to structure special fees and discuss providing enhanced data to increase the value to suppliers.
  • A payment generalist who doesn’t understand the media finance world can often cause unnecessary roadblocks. They might ask an agency if they’re willing to pay their invoices faster in return for electronic payment acceptance, for example. This can cause an issue with sequential liability. AnchorOps specialists know this because they understand the nuances of media payments and electronic payment acceptance in the media finance industry. You’ll never have to worry that AnchorOps will try inappropriate workarounds that could cause issues for your business.
  • ePay acceptance is not required in order to make electronic payments go through, making AnchorOps a more attractive partner than more complicated options.
  • With the combination of our TROVE matching engine and database, and our use of payment technologies to accommodate suppliers, we are able to start making payments in as fast as two weeks.
  • Because we know how all media businesses are related and work together (ownership groups, subsidiaries, etc.), we can activate and enroll faster than generic providers – which means you begin to receive your payments faster with AnchorOps.
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