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Payment Technology

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AnchorOps Covers Every Way to ePay

AnchorOps ePay embraces multiple payment technologies – meeting any supplier requirement – in order to send the most money possible for our customers. We’re tuned into the various ways different suppliers accept electronic payments, ensuring that our customers can always meet their requirements and send payments electronically. Transparent to the agency, AnchorOps simply moves more money for you – faster, and with less headache – so you can focus on running your business.

payment-technology-graphicWhether single-use, buyer-initiated, via portal or fax, AnchorOps ePay simplifies the electronic payment process and ensures that it’s not just a checkmark, but a rewarding program providing as much as benefit as possible for our customers.


Never miss an opportunity to increase revenue

Many suppliers require agencies to fill out lengthy forms via automated portals, in order to accept electronic payments. Unfortunately, this method is not only time consuming, but often results in human error because it is difficult to remember all the rules that such portals enforce. The rules are built around getting the information the supplier needs, not on making it easy for the customer, so often the rules vary from portal to portal.

Generic electronic payment providers sometimes offer a service to fill in the forms manually – still prone to errors – or don’t offer this service at all, resulting in missed spend for the agency customer.

Alternatively, AnchorOps works behind the scenes for you. PortalPay automates the process for AnchorOps ePay customers, with an engine that makes these payments and understands how to observe and understand any rules and restrictions, ensuring no missed revenue opportunities or tedious manual data entry.  A data stamp and receipt assure you of form completion, so you can focus on other less tedious tasks.

Single Use Payments

AnchorOps reduces the burden on the supplier, automatically removing friction and unnecessary communication hurdles, and ensuring more money is moved in the right places.

Our integration into all existing accounting software makes the process seamless.

  • AnchorOps ePay Virtual Credit Card (VCC) technology was designed to alleviate a common complaint among suppliers; specifically, that other card payment methods are cumbersome and error-prone.
  • The single-use card creates a unique, one-time use card number that has many back-end controls to make it secure and easy to use. The supplier only needs to enter the card information into its systems to receive payment. Most of the time, suppliers do not need to be notified that a new agency is being on-boarded by AnchorOps ePay – payments can just be sent.

General electronic payment providers have a more complicated and time-consuming process. They contact a supplier (individually, on behalf of each new agency) and give that supplier eight digits of a credit card number, even if there are no payments due to the supplier. When a payment is made from the agency, a unique set of 8 numbers is sent to the supplier. THEN the supplier must find the first 8 digits, marry them together and submit the payment through the MasterCard network.

AnchorOps keeps things simple, secure and straightforward. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the core of your business.

Buyer Initiated Payments

AnchorOps Makes Electronic Payments Easy and Universally Valuable

A more sophisticated form of electronic payment, Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) are also transmitted over the MasterCard® network, and are designed specifically for B2B transactions and their unique requirements. BIP’s deliver value to both agencies and suppliers, and this mutual-benefit drives increased acceptance, in turn delivering more value for our customers.

Buyer-initiated payments are also appealing to suppliers:

  • Direct deposit into an existing bank account
  • Elimination of manual data entry
  • No POS system required to receive funds
  • Robust transaction data – import into existing ERP systems to save time and enable easier reconciliation by both parties

Suppliers that have not accepted traditional cards in the past can instantly enroll in the BIP program via a simple form and easy process.

Fax Payments

While we offer the latest in sophisticated technologies, we also recognize that some suppliers still prefer to receive credit card information via fax. AnchorOps ePay accommodates this request by sending a secure, automated fax transmission. Remittance data is also included in the fax, for the convenience of the supplier.

Reap the rewards of ePay, today.

AnchorOps ePay is disrupting the media finance world – and unleashing hundreds of millions of dollars – by enabling frictionless collaboration among agencies, brands and suppliers.


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