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Enabling frictionless collaboration among agencies, brands and suppliers.

AnchorOps ePay is disrupting the media finance world – and unleashing hundreds of millions of dollars – by enabling frictionless collaboration among agencies, brands and suppliers.

It’s Simple – Take Care of Business and Increase Revenue With ePay

Why is AnchorOps’ innovative approach to ePayments better than using a generic payments provider?

  • Technology built from the ground up to specialize in electronic payments for the media finance world
  • Founded and run by an executive team that has worked in the media finance world – we bring strong, insightful relationships with a bit of an “insider edge.” We’re focused on your needs. We understand your unique challenges.
  • Our unique combination of technology, processes and data – including proprietary software and industry-focused services – greatly increases your financial return. Uncover additional revenue or earn ePay Points to reap the rewards of electronic payments.

AnchorOps ePay, combines the finance and payment expertise of one of the nation’s largest issuers of MasterCard payment solutions, with the foremost innovator of media finance technology.

There are four keys to maximizing electronic spending with AnchorOps ePay:


Our industry-specific expertise enables us to more quickly and thoroughly match supplier names in an agency’s database with actual entities that may accept electronic payments. Media invoices often list PO Boxes, yet electronic payments can only be directed to physical addresses. In this case, a generic payments provider will miss such vendors, resulting in a significant revenue loss for the customer. With AnchorOps, better matching means more ePayments go through, which results in stronger revenue for our customers.

Learn more about how we track the industry with AnchorOps TROVE.


All suppliers opt into similar card networks and all payment providers have access to the same basic card network tools. While the information is the same (there is no private or “broader network” for any one payment provider), the difference in results is mastery of the industry and its data – understanding the intricate details such as payment destinations, accepted methods of payments, conditions for acceptance, and more. These insights are garnered from industry experience and an investment in databases, data mining and continuous monitoring of industry changes.

Our industry-specific knowledge results in a higher level of supplier enrollment and participation in our AnchorOps ePayments program vs. other, generic electronic payment providers. Faster and higher rates of activation means more money moves electronically, thus equaling a greater financial return and revenue share for our customers. And, greater participation among suppliers doesn’t just result in increased rebates; it reduces paper checks and overall labor and headaches associated with manual payments.

Find out more about our team of activation and enrollment specialists.


It’s not enough to have a supplier list. A great ePayments provider must also track how suppliers accept payments, and have technology and services that can accommodate their preferences and industry fluctuations. In addition to a dedicated team who has live discussions with suppliers regarding their acceptance practices and preferences, AnchorOps ePay offers the most comprehensive media finance database. Our automated, single-use card technology reduces the burden on the supplier, automatically removing friction and unnecessary communication hurdles, and ensuring more money is moved in the right places. Our integration into all existing accounting software makes the process seamless.

Learn more about Payment Technology, here. [link to payment technology page]

View examples of AnchorOps Insight, dashboards and reports for ePay customers


Making the ePayments experience efficient and valuable for all parties involved – agencies, brands and suppliers – is crucial. Each benefits when the process is smooth. AnchorOps ePay was built from the ground up for media finance, ensuring value at all stage of the process, as well as a positive balance of price, data, speed of payment, etc.

Our understanding of this important balance better engages suppliers than other electronic payment providers – happy suppliers are the only way money moves. Making electronic payments efficient for all parties is critical to success. Suppliers, brands and agencies are respected and in good hands with AnchorOps.

Learn more about the value we provide to media suppliers.

ePay includes various solutions to best meet the needs of our media finance customer base. They include: TROVE, Insight and Payment Technologies.

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Learn how to improve speed, efficiency and certainty of media payments with the only payment solution designed specifically for political media.

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Swanson Russell makes the switch from American Express to AnchorOps ePay.

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