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AnchorOps Product Update January 2015

2014 was a busy year for us at AnchorOps, and I’m proud to say that we ended the year on a high note. I hope you did, too. We’re excited for the developments 2015 will bring, and to continue to deliver innovations for the ever-changing media landscape. Stay tuned for more product updates as we move through the year.

Of course, all those industry changes are no problem for us, or our customers, thanks to our industry experience and our investment in databases, data mining and continuous monitoring of the industry’s evolvement. We’re proud of the investments we’ve made to make ePay stronger than ever. While these solutions have been in place for a while, and our customers are getting great results, we’ve been so busy in development that we inadvertently became a little stealthy on the marketing side. Therefore, we thought it might be helpful to point out a few enhancements.

 Here are some highlights of what’s new:

TROVESending More ePayments Than Anyone In The Industry We’ve always managed a lot of data for our customers, and now TROVE makes that data even more valuable by allowing us to help agencies send more electronic payments than anyone else in the industry. With a significant investment in technology and continuous data mining, TROVE is the first of its kind – harnessing the best data and ensuring frictionless collaboration among agencies, brands and suppliers. Our stronger, more comprehensive, rules-based matching engine and database interprets the supplier names found in an agency’s media buying and accounting software, and matches it with a validated supplier record managed by AnchorOps. TROVE ensures an agency’s supplier codes are linked to our records – resulting in automatic updates of the correct payment addresses, acceptance methods and other contact information required to accept payments.

TROVE not only unlocks the best data, but continually mines it to ensure the latest updates are always in our system. For more information on TROVE, click here.


PortalPay – First of Its Kind; Alleviates Headaches And Saves Time

There aren’t a lot of attractive options when it comes to filling out the lengthy forms many vendors require in order to accept electronic payments. Agencies can do it manually themselves, have a provider do it, or just don’t do it at all. In fact, many agencies don’t even realize such forms are often required, and end up missing millions of dollars in efficiency and revenue share. Sometimes providers don’t offer the service because it doesn’t fit into their existing model.

Our proprietary, first-of-its-kind PortalPay engine is changing all of that – creating a new landscape for everyone involved. PortalPay automates the form process for AnchorOps ePay customers, with an engine that makes these payments and understands how to observe and understand any rules and restrictions. PortalPay ensures no missed revenue opportunities or tedious manual data entry. Using WEX’s single use technology, combined with information in our TROVE database, PortalPay is accurate and timely. A data stamp and receipt assure you of form completion, so you can focus on other less tedious tasks.


Insight – Data On Demand

New and improved at-a-glance dashboards, analytics and reporting provide complete transparency to AnchorOps ePay clients. Our instant reporting takes electronic payments to a whole new level of value with just a few clicks. Insight pulls in daily data to provide a much bigger picture of the benefit of electronic payments: revenue recognition, forecasting, enrollment types, rebate status, quarterly revenue goals, historical spending and more – easily displayed in just seconds.


As always, if you need additional insights, please contact our customer support team: Not a customer yet? Get all of these great features and more. We can turn a proposal around for you in just 48 hours. Call us (508) 439-4690 or fill out this form for more information.






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